Song of winter

Stream and icicles

Winter uncovers not only physical textures of the landscape, but also underlying sounds. Whereas in summer we are distracted by showy bird songs and countless other declarations of life, this season draws our attention to audible bedrock, the bass notes of an everlasting passacaglia.

The sigh of dreaming pines. The hiss of skeletal grasses. The harmonious clang of wind chimes. The gunshot report of a branch breaking mysteriously. Deeper in the woods, the wind falls silent. This deep stillness exposes the overarching whine of city industry. The aloof groan of a jet passing far overhead. The crack of brittle ice underfoot. The eternal music of a flowing stream.

Stop and listen.

6 thoughts on “Song of winter

    1. I’ve felt drawn toward poetry in my blog posts recently. Glad you enjoyed it.

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