Re-establishing the Craft of Writing

WordleBlogging every day in May for the WordCount Blogathon has been a fascinating adventure. Not in years have I devoted so much time to researching and writing about these topics that impassion me. I found both a creative groove and an audience. Speed River Journal received far more hits than it has ever before.

Writing for people makes me think. Although I value stream-of-consciouness writing as a tool for drawing out ideas, this month I concentrated on word craft. I refined, moved things around, sorted out jumbles, edited, and played with words some more. Almost every post this month has been written a few hours or days ahead. Returning to an article you can always find errors or at least something that might be said a better way. You have a chance to think twice about gratuitous statements.

A story becomes a journey inward rather than a string of words. Now I am more comfortable, as when I was a young reporter, or before that, as a teenager. I feel joyful and invigorated. In fact, I can hardly remember feeling so happy as I am these days.

Thinking about what I write helps me understand what I believe. This is essential for a naturalist, or for anyone who wants to care about something. Click on the Wordle image above to see an expanded view of my recent blog vocabulary. I so enjoy writing about birds, plants, art, community and sustainability, I must stay in this groove.

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