Preparing for a dawn chorus


Data sheets, pencils and stop watch are packed. I’m excited for tomorrow morning.

Weather permitting, I’ll do my annual run for the international Breeding Bird Survey. This citizen scientist program has provided valuable data on changes in avian species populations over the decades.

Volunteers are encouraged to maintain the same route for as many years as possible to standardize the data. My route begins in Dwight, Ontario, and runs within 1 km of our cottage. Every year I do it as close as possible to June 21 to celebrate sunlight, life, nature and the longest day of the year (it is supposed to be done nearly the same date every year). I have to get up about an hour ahead to arrive on time at the starting point by 4:54 a.m. to cover dawn, when birds are most active.

The fact that I actually get to do it on summer solstice and observe the earliest sunrise this year is a special treat.

I have to finish some work at home today. This afternoon we’ll load the car and head to the cottage for the weekend. Happy Solstice, everyone!


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  1. I will think of you as I am now in UK. So glad you enjoy this survey of the birds. I am enjoying the English gardens in Kent.

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