Photovember 20

Detail of new weaving project

Yesterday I dressed the loom. I started planning this stole last spring but got involved with other fibre projects so the loom has sat idle since June. It is based on the same design as a lovely, soft stole I completed last winter. This one uses the same Berroco Ultra Alpaca Light (50/50 super fine alpaca/Peruvian wool) for the warp. The weft alternates the Berroco with a bouclé yarn, 56/24/20 kid mohair/silk/nylon from Fleece artist. This bouclé is softer, lighter and more lustrous than the one I used in the other stole. The fabric is irresistible to touch. The colour palette is also entirely different, more subdued but with exciting gold and silver highlights brought out by the silk. It makes me happy to be weaving again, even happier that the fabric feels and looks so good. Now that I have learned to spin, I dream of being able to spin my own alpaca yarn to make a scarf or stole like this.

New weaving project on the loom

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