Photovember 17

Christmas cactus

A little over a year ago on a visit back home I took three cuttings from the Christmas cactus that was my mother’s. Actually the roots go back much further: the plant originally belonged to her grandmother, Dommy, and is probably older than I am. For a year the cuttings have flourished on sun and neglect in our kitchen nook. Last week a single flower bud appeared on each of two of them. One is visible here. Hopefully the descendants will carry on their progenitor’s habit of blooming faithfully every year for decades.

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  1. Interesting! I have one from my mother’s grandmother that blooms in a lovely salmon-pink with a hot-fuschia pistil and whitish stamens, and another from my other grandmother that’s lavender pink and white. I have a third that’s red and has been known to have a bloom or two in the summer. My mom could never get her cactus to bloom because she treated it like a desert cactus (too dry) and it didn’t get enough light in the summer, so she gave it to me and it’s bloomed like mad ever since. I did see a lot of bud drop until I was told to keep the plants cooler and mist them periodically. So I move them to an unheated room upstairs after the enclosed 3-season porch becomes too cold for them. It keeps people from brushing against the plants, too.

    1. As I remember, this plant was deep pink. I think I tried to grow a Christmas cactus some years ago and had trouble with bud drop, but we keep our house at about 68F/20C during the day so hopefully that will not be a problem. The Phalaenopsis orchid nearby loves it and flowers almost constantly. I’d love to see photos of your Christmas cacti when they bloom.

      1. From what I know, your household temp is a bit above the preferences of the plants (I happen to know because we keep it the same temp!). I think it’s the warm dry air that causes the bud drop, as well as drafts, but I’ve heard various theories. Anyway you’re in luck because I have some photos from some years ago. The salmon-pink blossom is here and the
        the lavender-pink one is here.

  2. Over 20 years ago I got a cutting of a geranium from Jean, the mother of a friend. She was dying, and wanted to dispose of some of her plants. It’s a soft pink colour — Apple Blossom Pink, I think– and unusual these days as the hybridizers have been working on deeply-saturated reds and retina-searing pinks. (Both of which are lovely, but…) That cutting has itself spawned many plants, all given away. In fact, there’s a cutting waiting to be potted up right now.

    1. Mom used to keep geraniums, too, but they are long gone. I wouldn’t mind having a cutting of that one sometime, Ted.

  3. I love Christmas cactuses. My mother in law, who is nearly 85 years old, has a large one that I may take a cutting of. I have a red and white one blooming now (I posted a picture of it on my blog on November 15) and I just bought one in bud with yellow blooms. I can’t wait to see that one bloom

    1. Alana, the yellow one sounds particularly exciting. I have never seen one. I like the idea of Garden Bloggers Bloom Day!

  4. Love this!! Have 2 stories to share. When my mom was alive she and dad planted a bleeding heart on elgin st. when they moved in and took over. That was 1981. The bleeding heart NEVER bloomed – wrong location, wrong conditions… mom was so disappointed. She died in Oct.-1986. In 1987 – June – the bleeding heart was in full bloom and bloomed thereafter until dad moved away in 1992. In 1991 – the last birthday gift my father gave me (other than money or certificates) was a bougainvillia – I kept it going through the years – it bloomed only once – in the year of his death-1994. It nearly expired many times but kept going and I finally gave it up in 2011!

    1. Cathy, once again I wish I had known your parents better. I have a happy memory of working in the garden the first spring before Ronville Lodge opened. It must have been about 1975?

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