Making a choice between photography and dog ownership

Twin Oaks Woods was a cold, hard, windy place this morning. I met several people walking their dogs. I had a particular purpose in mind and didn’t take any photos to share. I had the phone in my pocket but wasn’t carrying the camera.

This photo is not of a dog, obviously. It was taken on Friday: a beautiful, sunny morning. This must be the most photographed square inch of branch in the whole park. I’ve posted previous photos of this same yellow lichen blob to Flickr. Finally, I’m satisfied with this one. But this story is about dogs…

I’ve been making the acquaintance of several dog walkers. Women of retirement age are most likely to exchange more than a casual hello. I fear they may be from the last generation that bothers with such simple, human interaction.

Today one woman suggested I should have a dog. I like dogs. I’ve considered getting one, but if I had a dog to walk I wouldn’t be able to do much photography. I told her this, and she understood.

“With dogs the relationship depends on paying attention,” she said. She recalled having the same conversation with a woman photographer.

Her remarks settled the question for me. I know several good photographers and artists who walk dogs. However, I go to the woods to relate with the woods. I am Twin Oaks’ pet writer and photographer.

I have a soft spot for Brittany dogs, in case you want to know. But it doesn’t matter now. I only have to imagine me down on all fours trying to photograph a wildflower or mushroom, and the dog all over me licking and trampling.

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