My birthday: things I am grateful for

Gratitude: spinning in our craft room

  1. Danny’s good company
  2. My daughters
  3. Our comfortable home
  4. Good eyesight and hearing
  5. Friends who make me think and encourage my creativity
  6. The pleasure of good food
  7. Fourfold Farm and the many other good people who grow our food
  8. The chance to do my dream of writing for a living
  9. Spinning, knitting and weaving projects to keep me busy for years
  10. Great music
  11. Great literature
  12. My cottage on a quiet lake
  13. The woods behind our house
  14. Space to grow vegetables
  15. Freedom to love who I choose
  16. The memory of freedom to play as a child
  17. The beauty and complexity of the universe
  18. Healing from illness and painful past experiences
  19. The opportunity of life
  20. Time to be still

2 thoughts on “My birthday: things I am grateful for

  1. These are all good things! Happy birthday! It’s been great getting to know you better.

    1. Are you Joe In Wyoming? Thanks for visiting and for the birthday wishes!

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