Kaffe Fassett’s take on weather and colour


Last night we went to see a lecture on colour by American artist Kaffe Fassett, famous for fabric and other decorative designs. I was most familiar with his vivid, funky knitwear and expected to see a lot of brazen, garish colour palettes, but I was surprised.

En route to Niagara-on-the-Lake where the lecture was held, fog shrouded the escarpment and autumn scenery.

Fassett said he began his career painting still lifes of all-white objects like China. The colour began seeping in later, and some of his most startling creations still involve muted colours. Australian Aboriginal art provides one of his favourite sources of inspiration.

He raved about the misty weather yesterday. Now residing in England, he is used to it and opines that it is best for studying natural colour. It creates a more subtle effect.

Today I am revisiting some of my old photographs on Flickr, such as these. I am inspired to explore some of these colour palettes in my own weaving. Beyond that, I am challenged not to take dull weather so much for granted.



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