Handspinning Seminar will nourish your soul

When Danny and I chose to move to this neighbourhood, one thing at the top of my list of things to look for was green space. I’m grateful to have a woods next door where hawks nest and trilliums bloom in spring. Good places nourish the soul.

Ontario Handspring Seminar 2022 is entitled “Spinning to satisfy our souls.” I have contributed an article about my passion for places and how they offer inspiration and solace for whatever we create, whether its storytelling, painting, or spinning colourful yarn. I interviewed three noted handspinners about places that have influenced their work. Amy Tyler talks about how the landscape where she lives inspires her knitwear designs. Donna Hancock tells some travel stories and how they inspire the colourways from her Angora goat farm and fibre mill at Wellington Fibres. And Julia Lee explains why she wants spinners to learn where their fibre comes from.

Places offer inspiration for whatever we create.

There will be two keynote speakers. Textile expert Teena Jennings will speak about how a silk spinning community is helping conserve rainforest in Madagascar. Physical therapist Carson Demers will discuss ergonomics for handspinners.

Even virtual places can nourish us. If you are a spinner, textile artist, or simply interested in learning more, see more details of what the seminar has to offer. Then register. I’d be glad to see you.

3 thoughts on “Handspinning Seminar will nourish your soul

      1. Hah, not so warm. Just waded waist deep through a river of glacial melt, carrying a 4-day pack. The kind of moment that lets you know you are alive.

        I took a few years off writing the blog while study then work left little energy for it. We’ll see if I stick with it: there’s certainly lots to write about. 🙂

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