Gratitude and the exercise groove


Since a string of minor physical ailments in January broke down my exercise routine, I’ve finally overcome physical and mental barriers and returned to the groove the past week or so. I’m glad of it, but whenever I do the intense resistance workout (three times a week), I still (as always) hear a whining inner voice: “I don’t want to do this. How many more seconds for this set? When will it be over?” Today it made think about the reasons I’m thankful for this routine.

With that thought….Bang!

I realized I’ve been missing one of the vital parts of my morning wake-up ritual: writing three points of gratitude when I arrive at my desk. I completely forgot about it. I don’t know how long ago: months probably. Despite the fact it was something I really liked doing.

I suppose this is part of the reason community rituals (as in churches) are so powerful: they remind us what to do. Unfortunately for me, community rituals trigger old trauma. I need to use pictures, words and the structure of routine to remind myself, and they’re not always foolproof. Tomorrow morning I’ll start again.

But for now, here are specific points of gratitude related to the resistance workouts. I’m thankful for having more energy, the support to good mental health, the long-sought improvement in my blood cholesterol, the subtle improvements in how my body looks and feels, the 20-minute midday music break long enough for five or six songs, and learning to stick with something I don’t necessarily enjoy doing.

1 thought on “Gratitude and the exercise groove

  1. I always thank God each night and morning while in bed.
    Today I thank him for a good husband, a safe home and energy to write and take a patient to an appointment.
    I often just thank God for faith; it keeps me going.
    Gratitude is gracious. In Lent I am trying to look outward at other people’s needs not inward to mine!
    Blessings on your days Van.

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