Discover wilderness in a small urban creek

This scene rests only steps from my front door. I’m grateful to have this hint of wilderness in an urban park. In 2019 winter tracks in the snow showed a muskrat lived here. Once I saw a mink hunting along the stream. This wildlife crosses paths with many humans who use the footbridge every day.

Winter tracks showed a muskrat lived here in winter 2019.

Last November I kept a vigil in this spot, visiting, observing, and taking notes. Only a few minutes each day increased my appreciation for the lowly creek. Then winter drifted the banks with snow. Fragile ice deterred me from getting so close for the next few months.

Only a few minutes each day increased my appreciation.

This is the first time I’ve taken a landscape shot from this vantage. It’s not especially photogenic in drab early spring colours, but I love the place.

What place do you pass frequently where you could pause to meditate or contemplate, cultivate calm, and grow in respect for nature and the change of seasons?

2 thoughts on “Discover wilderness in a small urban creek

  1. Very cool. The magic of day to day. I go to the fish pond by the river. In the winter you can find little air holes in the snow.

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