Come for a walk in the woods

Will you come for a walk in the woods with me? We’ll see a rare white form of red clover, some hummingbirds close up, a gartersnake, an Atlantis fritillary and more beauty.

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Dew on maple leaf

We visited the cottage on the weekend. These photos were taken on a walk along the road. Thanks to the neighbours who invited us to watch the hummingbird feeders on their deck overlooking the lake.

5 thoughts on “Come for a walk in the woods

  1. Lovely photos. I enjoyed them very much. Good for you pursuing the natural objects we often fail to see.

  2. Indeed lovely. The little snake blends in so well that for a moment all I saw was the leaf he was sliding under. 🙂

    1. It was clearly torn between the warm sunlight on the road and trying to be invisible.

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