Announcing the winner of the 2013 armchair travel contest

Camping at Pacific Rim

My 2013 blogathon armchair travel contest did not receive many entries, but the few were excellent. Participants were required to answer this question, “What is the best travel destination you have ever visited that connected you more deeply with nature or the Earth?” and explain why.

As a special bonus question, I asked people to correctly identify the location of the photo included in that post. Only one person attempted to do so, Alana from Ramblin’ with AM. She guessed the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, and in fact it was taken in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, part of the Blue Ridge. Good eye, Alana!

On to the main contest. The four entries were so interesting that I plan to repost them as guest blog entries over the next few weeks. The winner’s name, drawn from a hat by Danny, was Eric.

Eric, please send me your mailing address using the email address on the contact page on this site, and I will send you a year’s subscription to Orion magazine. In case you don’t see this, I will attempt to contact you soon.

The photo above was taken on the most memorable trip of my life, in which I camped solo in this tent on the beach at Pacific Rim National Park. I promise to post that story soon, too.

Thanks to those who participated.

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