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    • Toni, I’m with you on that. Hobart has been popping up from unexpected quarters recently, though I can’t remember where specifically. Our financial outlook needs to be a little stronger before we can consider that kind of travel, but it is on my priority list.

      • The tyranny of distance is deeply felt down here. We’re a long way from anywhere. The upshot is that conversations about food security and sustainability are blooming in the face of rising transport costs and economic uncertainty.

        It would be nice if you could visit one day, for however long I’m still here. Getting to Canada is definitely on my list though!

        • Well then, I hope you will visit us here. The tyranny of distance can even be felt within Canada and it is expensive and/or time-consuming to travel anywere. If you ever travel this way I would love to be a guide for at least part of the trip.

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