Natural dye from mountain-ash leaves

American mountain-ash (Sorbus americana) leaves provide an excellent natural dye in coppery-gold colours. This plant does not often arise in discussions of natural dyes, perhaps because it lacks wide distribution outside the northeastern Laurentian forests of North America. However, European … Continue reading

OHS: Spinning stories from fibre, Part 1

Ontario Handspinning Seminar took place this past weekend. It was attended by more than 140 spinners. This year’s theme explored the connection between spinning and storytelling. Children’s stories, folk tales and fables played an important role. The relationships between story … Continue reading

An exotic pigeon inspired this handspun, knitted shawl

Bath Time by Sue Demetriou Last year our local Guelph Guild of Handweavers and Spinners presented a show at Greenwood Quiltery‘s gallery, featuring fibre crafts inspired by images (paintings or photographs). When I saw this photo of a Nicobar pigeon … Continue reading

Eco-friendly fibre craft

In my effort to live more lightly on the Earth, I am beginning to review what kinds of fibre I use for knitting, spinning and weaving. Just as the organic certification of food has become increasingly dubious, complex issues undoubtedly … Continue reading