Native among the herbs: Monarda fistulosa

One of my favourite native wildflowers is Monarda fistulosa, wild bergamot. It’s the slightly plainer sister of the showy red-flowered herb M. didyma or bee-balm. M. fistulosa produces lavender-coloured flowers and is called wild bergamot because the whole plant smells like a bergamot orange. … Continue reading

A handful of herbs for tea

I know few better ways to start the day than by wandering into the garden on a misty August morning to collect herbs for breakfast tea. This is a pleasure I discovered one long summer long ago in the first … Continue reading

Herbalist Scott Reid gives introduction to wildcrafting

Yesterday herbalist Scott Reid guided a workshop on identification and use of edible and medicinal plants. He demonstrated what a wealth and diversity of useful plant life occurs along a short stretch of parkland around the confluence of the Speed … Continue reading

Survival in the winter garden (Photovember 15)

In Pilgrim at Tinker Creek, Annie Dillard mentioned finding an etiolated leaf in winter. She commented that while we like to separate everything into seasons, summer designated for growing and winter for dormancy, nature does not really work so neatly. … Continue reading