Grace of a white pine monoculture

Eastern white pine plantations are ubiquitous in Southern Ontario. We have one behind our house. The photo shows another one near Guelph. I can hardly think of any conservation lands where a person can walk far without encountering long straight … Continue reading

Citizen scientists can join FeederWatch

The bustle of a birdfeeder offers endless entertainment while also providing food security for feathered neighbours through the winter months. Canadian and American bird lovers can do even more to help by joining Project FeederWatch. Data collected by citizen scientists … Continue reading

Petition to protect Jefferson salamander habitat in Kitchener

The Jefferson salamander, an endangered species in Canada and Ontario, has wriggled its way into another controversy over urban development. The dispute centres on a proposed road extension in Southern Kitchener on the edge of known salamander habitat. Urge Ontario … Continue reading

State of Canada’s Birds Reports Dramatic Human Influence

  We can make a difference. The State of Canada’s Birds 2012, released last month, proves conservation pays off. Unfortunately, more bird populations are declining than improving. This first-of-its-kind national report demonstrates two ways everyone can help: by volunteering for … Continue reading