Oliver Sacks who popularized science of perception dies at 82

Neurologist and author Oliver Sacks died this morningĀ at age 82. He was made famous by the movie, “Awakenings”, based on one of his books, but more importantly he popularized science of how the mind works, particularly its eccentricities, with works … Continue reading

What would Rachel Carson do?

A world-altering book, Silent Spring, hit the shelves 50 years ago this week. The gospel according to Rachel raised awareness of the widespread, dangerous use of pesticides and their impact on birds, wildlife and human health. Her teachings essentially launched … Continue reading

Inspiration: Barry Lopez

We all need people who inspire us, whether heroes, models, mentors or friends. During the WordCount Blogathon Speed River Journal will present a special Saturday feature profiling people I admire. These are all living people whose work relates directly or … Continue reading