Macro a day, week 1

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Beginning April 1, I began a self-challenge to take a photo every day using my new macro lens. I’ll post the results periodically in galleries. So here are the first four.

The lens came as a reward for 11 months of exercising regularly. Every week, if I exercised at least four days, I could put money in a jar toward the purchase. Bribery works wonders, and I seldom fell short of the goal.

It’s a good thing to give ourselves incentive to achieve difficult goals. I don’t necessarily enjoy rigorous exercise, but I love doing photography.

For a long time, I’ve wanted to do more serious macro photography. The basic lens that came with my Canon Rebel XSi camera has a reasonable macro function. But I couldn’t get as close to the subject as I liked. The new lens allows me to do so.

I’m used to having a zoom function. This lens has a fixed focal length. This forces me to put extra consideration into how I compose photos when I take them. It’s going to be a learning experience. I haven’t set an end date for this challenge. A year might be impractical but interesting.

This photography project will focus primarily on the world of small beneath our feet, things that live and grow on the surface of the earth.


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