Treefrog among the bonsai

Bonsai pots with green treefrog

We see it almost every day now. The gray treefrog that arrived recently has taken up residence in the potted garden on our deck. You can see it in the bottom righthand corner of the photo above.

I’ve begun training some plants as bonsai. The juniper and bougainvillea shown here are my favourites, displayed on a low pedestal table. They get dowsed with water from a sprinkler head every morning. It’s not hard to see why this spot appeals to our guest.

Gray Treefrog at home

The frog can most often be found at home under the bougainvillea pot. That’s where I discovered it huddling the first time, when I started moving things around. Fortunately, froggy didn’t mind the commotion too much and returned. Sometimes it sticks its nose out to catch some sun.

But when I check the table after dusk, the frog isn’t there. It’s out somewhere hunting insects in the dark. The treefrog is a good jumper, expert at catching hold of things with sticky toe pads, so getting around is easy.

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