My hot autumn colour scarf

Loxley Scarf 1

A few weeks ago I posted about handspinning outside the comfort zone. I set out to create some lively yarn concentrating on reds, not a colour range I naturally gravitate to. For inspiration I used a photo of fall foliage taken in Germany. Hand carding the fibre and spinning it up was a real treat. Now here is the final product.

Loxley Scarf 2

I had been looking for a pattern that combined a scarf with a hood, and found it in Loxley from Stephen West’s Westknits. It is designed for worsted weight yarn, so I had to do a gauge swatch and some math to convert it for this super-chunky core spun yarn. I ended up having to spin two more skeins to add to the original three, roughly 250 metres altogether.

I love how the hood is loose enough that I can easily throw it back when we go shopping, but drapes so that it will not blow off. My only complaint is that the knit structure is a little too open, so a cold wind might cut through it. But breathing can be a good thing. This actually makes it more adaptable for a variety of weather; on especially bitter days I wear a dark solid-colour beanie underneath.

This is almost as fun to wear as it was to make.

Loxley Scarf 3


My hot autumn colour scarf — 1 Comment

  1. I absolutely adore your hoodie-scarf! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, and the fibre is just gorgeous. Amazing work Van, you have my admiration in spades.

    Best wishes for 2014 my friend, and hopefully a package will arrive for you before too long!

    T. xoxo

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