Leave the Sally Ann alone

salvation army playing euphonium

When I support community organizations I choose non-sectarian ones. So I usually avoid the Salvation Army. However, I want to point out that the Salvation Army has a policy of non-discrimination which explicitly includes sexual orientation. This has been the case in Canada for a few years, but according to their international website this relates to the organization as a whole. Please read this statement to see the extent to which they reject discrimination against the LGBTQ community.

People like to help others at this time of year. It’s not a bad idea, would be even better if we did it all the time. Personally I recommend non-religious organizations like Doctors Without Borders and the local AIDS committee.

I was curious this year when I saw all the Salvation Army signs appearing on Facebook with slogans like, “Gays not allowed.” According to the Salvation Army, these images have been Photoshopped. It goes to show we should take everything we see online (especially on Facebook) with a grain of salt. It is all too easy to share or like something somebody cooked up.

Prejudice is based on ignorance. Sharing any old photo that shows up in your newsfeed is not smart. I know, I’ve done it. When we detect a scent of evil, it is better to sneeze than strangle ourselves. Do your homework and investigate.

Photo courtesy of j_lai on Flickr via Creative Commons.

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