Five Movies That Have Inspired My Writing — 2 Comments

  1. Very thoughtful post here. I have been to Africa, on a sort of mission trip in 2007. Went on safari as well. Made me wish I’d been around at the turn of the century (20th), as I think commercialization has changed the experience into something sterile. It’s almost too perfect. I would have liked it to be less so. Still, the animals are absolutely stunning to see in what appears to be their natural environment. And I adored the colors worn by the tribes people in the Masai Mara, where I was fortunate to stay. It would be interesting to see what a naturalist would have to say about modern-day safaris. I hope you’ll get a chance to go some day soon.

    • I hope so, too, Jackie. I didn’t put Africa on my bucket list the other day, but it should be there. If I travelled to one of the world’s great wildernesses I would consider going with something like Quest Nature Tours. I have a naturalist friend who guides some of their tours: I interviewed him about one of his trips last year. They probably make an effort to provide a more authentic experience of the natural environment. However, seeing the human cultures is equally important to me. Staying with the tribes people must have been a life-altering experience.

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